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Site Display And Functionality Issues:

Product Questions:

Payment Questions:

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Site Security And Privacy Questions:

Site Display And Functionality Issues:

Q: Why does the Pressurefryers.com web site not display or function properly in my web browser?

Pressurefryers.com uses many standard browser technologies including cascading style sheets (CSS), java script, secure socket layers (SSL), and session cookies for storing the contents of your shopping cart. Please make sure you have these options enabled in your browser when visiting our web site.

Pressurefryers.com also recommends you update to one of the the latest "web standards compliant" browsers as defined by the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C). The default installations of all these free browsers should allow Pressurefryers.com to display and function properly:

Please note that versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer prior to version 8 are not recognized as "web standards compliant" and will not properly display the Pressurefryers.com web site.

Q: I have signed up to Pressurefryers.com but cannot login with my password. Why ?

One of the possible problem is that your account is not verified. A email with verification link had been sent to your registered email address for verification, please click on the verification link to activate your account.
Alternatively, you can contact us for technical assistance.

Q: I have a user account with Pressurefryers.com but forgot my password, what should I do ?

It is easy; go to the My Account page and click on the "Forgot your password" link. You will be prompted with a window and please enter your email address (it must be the same email address you registered with Pressurefryers.com. The password will be sent automatically to the registered email address.

Q: I have a user account with Pressurefryers.com, how do I change my personal info and shipping address?

Go to My Account page, login and you can modify your account details there.

Q: I cannot remove and add items into my shopping cart. Why and how to resolve this?

It should be a problem that can be solved by deleting the "cookies" stored in your browser. Please follow steps on below link to delete the cookies: www.aboutcookies.org

Product Questions:

Q: I can't find a particular product or part I want from Pressurefryers.com's online store, what can I do?

Please contact us for further inquiries. We will try our best to assist you or recommend an alternative.

Payment Questions:

Q: What kind of payment options does Pressurefryers.com offer?

Pressurefryers.com offers a variety of payment options as below:

  • Fax payment or online credit card payment via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card on our web site.

Electronic bank wire transfer from any international financial institution payable to Commercial Cooking Systems
  • Please contact us to get instructions for a bank wire transfer.

Check drawn from a US-based financial institution payable to Commercial Cooking Systems
  • Please see our contact page to get our address for mailing a check.

Q: Can I make a payment on the Pressurefryers.com website without creating an online account?

Unfortunately, no. However once you have created an account with us, it will be easier for you to shop with us next time. Just use your login (your email address) and password next time you shop with us. All your personal and address information will be automatically retrieved from your account. Please call or email us via our contact page to request a formal price quotation and payment instructions.

Shipping And Return Issues:

Q: Can I return an item after it is delivered to me?

Yes, you can. However, there are terms and conditions for this. Please refer to the Refund Policy for more information on this.

Site Security And Privacy Questions:

Q: How secure is shopping with the Pressurefryers.com online store?

We want your online shopping to be worry-free, so we use 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layers), the industry standard encryption standard for online purchase. All of your personal information, including your credit card number, is encrypted by SSL while you are placing the order.

SSL encrypts your order information to avoid the decoding of that information by anyone other than Pressurefryers.com. To check the security of your connection, look at the URL address bar of your browser window when you begin to checkout. If you see an unbroken "key" or closed "lock" symbol (depending on your browser), then SSL is active. When accessing a secure server, the first characters of the site address will change from "http" to "https".

We endeavor to make every transaction you make at Pressurefryers.com 100% safe. Furthermore, if unauthorized charges are made to your card as a result of shopping online, your credit card company should offer additional levels of protection to resolve a problem.

SSL is available only if you make payment through our payment gateway website address beginning with "https://pressurefryers.com". Your web browser will automatically transfer you to our secure "https" payment gateway once you click on the "Go To Checkout" or "My Account" pages on our web site.

Q: Does Pressurefryers.com share my personal data with third parties?

We do not share any information with third parties for advertising or marketing purposes. Pressurefryers.com will only share the relevant information you provide with us to those parties who help us complete your transaction. This would include our payment processing (credit card) partners, and shipping agents.