All claims for reimbursement or replacement of failed equipment or parts will only be made after prior approval of the seller (Commercial Cooking Systems, LLC). All customers must contact the seller prior to engaging in any repairs of failed parts or equipment.

In the event that a part fails on equipment purchased from us, the seller agrees to ship one (1) identical replacement part to the buyer for a period of six (6) months from original delivery date (not installation or startup date) of equipment.

Our six (6) month warranty does not include timers, gaskets or silicone "O-rings" (cover, filter, valves, etc.), baskets, lamps, or fuses, which are warranted for thirty (30) days from original delivery date of equipment.

Warranty does not include reimbursement for any diagnostic or labor charges to replace failed parts.

Warranty does not include reimbursement for any trip, transportation, or fuel related to diagnostics or labor charges to replace failed parts.

Warranty does not include damage or failures due to shipping. Shipping insurance is available from the carrier for an additional charge. Any damage during shipping, whether insured or uninsured, must be reported to and documented by the shipping agent at the time of receipt, and documented to the seller within seven (7) business days.

Any monetary reimbursement for replacement parts will be granted only upon return receipt of the failed part(s) to the seller.

Warranty does not apply to frypot failures in any respect, including (but not limited to) failures of welding or manufacturing defects. Customer assumes all liability for damages or injury as a result of such failures.

Warranty does not apply to parts that are broken or improperly installed by the customer, their employees, or their service personnel.

Warranty does not include cleaning or preventative maintenance after delivery, which is the responsibility of the customer and should be performed on a daily basis. Parts failures resulting from improper cleaning or preventative maintenance by the customer will not be warranted for replacement by the seller.

Warranty does not include equipment installation, electric or gas hook-ups, or any after-delivery gas or electrical conversions.  All electrical, gas, fire suppression, and exhaust connections are the responsibility of the customer, and should be performed by qualified technicians according to local regulations.

No additional warranties for equipment or parts purchased from Commercial Cooking Systems, LLC or the web site apply. The terms of this warranty does not add to or extend other seller, manufacturer, or OEM (original equipment) warranties. Neither Commercial Cooking Systems, LLC nor the web site assumes any responsibilities, obligations, or liabilities related to the warranties of other sellers, manufacturers, or OEM (original equipment) providers and their equipment or parts.

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