Winston Collectramatic® Model LP56 Electric Pressure Fryer

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Why buy a model LP56 electric Winston Collectramatic® pressure fryer?
  • The Winston Foodservice Corporation of Louisville, Kentucky has been making commercial pressure fryers since 1969.
  • Winston Collectramatic® pressure fryers are one of two manufacturer brands approved for use in the world's largest fried chicken franchise.
  • The Winston Collectramatic® model LP56 is a "6-Head" (6 chicken capacity) pressure fryer. It can cook 18 lbs of food per load, or about 48 pieces of chicken in every 10 to 11 minute cook cycle.
  • Winston Collectramatic® pressure fryers use a unique gravity "collector" design at the base of the frypot that reduces the frequent need of manual oil filtration. This gravity filtration allows up to 360 lbs. (LP56) of chicken (or other food equivalent) to be cooked without manual filtration or emptying the collector.
  • Compared to other brand models, Winston Collectramatic® pressure fryers have the lightest equipment weight, and have the fewest operating parts.
  • No lid hinge or latch springs are used.
  • Winston Collectramatic® pressure fryers ship with a tiered-shelf or "clamshell" basket as a standard accessory.
  • Commercial pressure fryers have been a proven cooking technology for over 60 years.
  • Any food you can cook in an open fryer can be cooked in a pressure fryer.
  • Pressure fryers can also be used as an open fryer.
  • Pressure fryers are the best equipment designed for cooking fried chicken. They have been used for decades in many of the well-known fried chicken restaurant franchises.
  • Like other types of pressure cooking, commercial pressure fryers cook food faster.
  • Pressure frying preserves the food's own moisture, helping both cook faster and preventing a "dried out" product. Fried chicken will be tender and juicy on the inside.
  • Quick cooking in a hot oil temperature still ensures a crisp outer crust, and prevents oil penetration that would otherwise result in a "greasy" tasting food product.
  • Note: The Winston Foodservice Corporation only offers electric model pressure fryers. Gas powered heat is not an option.

    Machine specifications:
  • Width (left to right):
    20 inches (51.3 cm) wide for machine
  • Overall Machine Height (top to bottom):
    50 inches (127 cm) to top of stack; 61 inches (154 cm) with lid opened upwards.
  • Depth (front to back):
    30 inches (76.2 cm).
  • Fry pot capacity:
    18 lbs. (8.2 kg) food product capacity (6-Heads of chicken, or about 48 pieces per cook cycle).
    75 lbs. (33.8 kg) or 9.55 gal. (36.15L) of liquid oil (shortening) capacity.
  • Electrical options:
    208 or 240 Volts; 10.5 KW.
    All units ship from factory wired for 3-Phase.
    Cordset is not included.
    60-Amp dedicated circuit breaker recommended.
  • Heating:
    Electric Immersion (Heating elements inside frypot, immersed in the frying oil).
  • Operating pressure:
    7 P.S.I. Standard operating pressure.
  • Insulation:
    Full 1-1/2" insulation around the cooking vessel.
  • Ventilation:
    Ventilation required. Check local codes.
  • Shipping weight:
    207 lbs. (94 kg).
  • Warranty:
    Limited one year Winston factory warranty on new Winston equipment.
    Warranty disclaimer for failure to clean.
    Ask for complete warranty disclosure.

    Standard features for a Winston Collectramatic® pressure fryer sold by
  • Computerized processor control with eight programmable channels.
  • Simple and removable heavy-duty stainless lid with easy-to-remove silicone gasket seal.
  • Lid safety interlock prevents opening under pressure.
  • Automatic pressure regulating and release valve.
  • Hi-Limit safety thermostat
  • Baffled exhaust stack with condensation collection.
  • Adjustable two front stationary legs for stability, and wheels on two rear legs for easy moving.
  • High grade 16 to 20-gauge stainless steel construction. All-stainless frypot.
  • 1 Clamshell basket
  • 1 Drain Hook
  • 2 Collector gaskets
  • 1 Heat plate
  • 2 Lid gaskets
  • 1 Teflon® brush
  • 1 Spatula
  • 1 Long collector
  • 1 Pair Gloves

  • We sell brand new Winston Collectramatic® pressure fryers. Please contact us for details and a quote.
  • We can help you repair and maintain the Winston Collectramatic® pressure fryer you currently own.
  • Export (foreign) sales of new Winston Collectramatic® pressure fryers is available.
  • We are an independent family-owned company that has been selling commercial pressure fryers as our primary product since 1985. We know pressure fryers!

All equipment subject to availability.
Specifications subject to change without notice.

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  • Model: LP56
  • Shipping Weight: 207lbs
  • Manufactured by: Winston®

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