Henny Penny® Model 600 Gas Re-Conditioned Pressure Fryer

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Why buy a Henny Penny® model 600 gas pressure fryer?
  • The Henny Penny® Corporation of Eaton, Ohio has been making commercial pressure fryers since 1957. Commercial pressure fryers have been a proven cooking technology for over 60 years.
  • The Henny Penny® model 600 (also called model PFG-600) is the most common gas pressure fryer in the commercial marketplace today.
  • The Henny Penny® model 600 is a "4-Head" (4 chicken capacity) pressure fryer. It can cook 14 lbs of food per load, or about 32 pieces of chicken in every 10 to 11 minute cook cycle.
  • Natural or liquid propane (LP) gas configuration on the Henny Penny® model 600 is available from Pressurefryers.com at no additional charge.
  • Any food you can cook in an open fryer can be cooked in a pressure fryer.
  • Pressure fryers can also be used as an open fryer.
  • Do you have a food truck? Commercial LP gas pressure fryers are the ideal fryer for mobile kitchens. Electrical requirements are minimal, and hot oil is safely contained in the closed frypot at the end of the work day.
  • Pressure fryers are the best equipment designed for cooking fried chicken. They have been used for decades in many of the well-known fried chicken restaurant franchises.
  • Like other types of pressure cooking, commercial pressure fryers cook food faster.
  • Pressure frying preserves the food's own moisture, helping both cook faster and preventing a "dried out" product. Fried chicken will be tender and juicy on the inside.
  • Quick cooking in a hot oil temperature still ensures a crisp outer crust, and prevents oil penetration that would otherwise result in a "greasy" tasting food product.

Machine specifications:
  • Width (left to right):
    18 inches (45.8 cm) wide for machine, caster wheels recommend 19.7 inches (50 cm) wide clearance.
  • Overall Machine Height (top to bottom):
    48 inches (122 cm) to top of stack; 63 inches (160 cm) with lid opened upwards.
  • Depth (front to back):
    39 inches (99.0 cm).
  • Fry pot capacity:
    12 lbs. (5.4 kg) food product capacity (4-Heads of chicken, or about 32 pieces per cook cycle).
    43 lbs. (19.5 kg) or 5.8 gal. (22L) of liquid oil (shortening) capacity.
  • Electrical:
    120 Volt; 1 Phase; 50/60Hz; 10 Amp.
  • Heating:
    Gas burners. Natural or liquid propane (LP) gas.
    1/2-inch gas supply line pipe.
    80,000 BTU/hr.
  • Operating pressure:
    12 P.S.I. Standard operating pressure.
    Safety relief valve set at 15 P.S.I.
  • Shipping weight:
    400 lbs. (182 kg).

Standard features for a Henny Penny® pressure fryer sold by Pressurefryers.com:
  • Analog controls with mechanical timer and thermostat.
  • Standard recessed control panel with highly visible and easy-to-use pressure, temperature and timer controls.
  • Cast aluminum alloy lid.
  • Heavy duty lid hinge and spring.
  • Front lid latch.
  • Color-keyed locking spindle spins down to engage pressure seal.
  • Patented lid lock pin locks lid until pressure drops to 1 P.S.I.
  • Automatic pressure release valve.
  • Baffled exhaust stack.
  • Lid condensation channel keeps condensation from dripping into hot shortening when lid is opened.
  • Raised edge on fryer top catches spills.
  • Stainless steel rectangular fry pot promotes more even cooking.
  • Specially designed cold-zone prevents scorching.
  • Cook cycle completion signal.
  • Casters and wheels on all four legs.

All Henny Penny® pressure fryers sold by Pressurefryers.com include:
  • Built-in oil filter system with electric motor & pump, drains oil directly into filter pan beneath fryer.
  • Activate switch to recycle hot, filtered oil into fry pot. (Uses separate disposable filter paper envelopes).
  • Basket and handle.
  • Filter pan and lid.
  • Filter screens and pipe.
  • Condensation pan.

Upgrade options available to purchase separately:
  • Digital Computron 8000 control panel.
  • Filter rinse hose pipe with male quick-connection coupling on machine.
  • Hand-held flexible filter rinse hose with female quick-connection coupling.

At Pressurefryers.com:
  • We sell completely rebuilt and re-conditioned Henny Penny® pressure fryers that will save you money!
  • We can also rebuild the existing Henny Penny® pressure fryer you currently own, and save you even more money!
  • We give you peace of mind versus buying used equipment elsewhere that hasn't been properly cleaned, repaired, or that may be missing parts.
  • Our pressure fryers are complete, tested, and ready to use when you receive them.
  • We sell new Henny Penny® pressure fryers on a limited basis. Quantity limitations and export restrictions apply. Please contact us for details and a quote.
  • We are an independent family-owned company that has been selling commercial pressure fryers as our primary product since 1985. We know pressure fryers!

All equipment subject to availability.
Specifications subject to change without notice.

Contact us for pricing information.

  • Model: 600
  • Shipping Weight: 400lbs
  • Manufactured by: Henny Penny®

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